I think it’s cute that we see all the girls, but where is Aria? Hmmm, maybe breaking into a school?

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But I was A.I’m A team!

Aria’s little scene with Maggie just shows how out of control she is of herself. “Sorry about losing my temper my bad love, -A”. I’m not saying Aria is on the “A-Team”, but Aria is on the “A-Team”.


Anyone notice how quick Aria was to defend A’s actions at the school? The first thing she said was “there’s no way A could’ve known your dad would…”

Guilty conscience?


does anybody seen aria like really see her i mean all the girls are happy that ashley is free but aria has a fake smile like she’s just distant, detached idk she dosen’t move or like do a little dance like hannah or even spencer, she’s just still watching ashley …
it seems like internal screaming or like it didn’t go as plan she really look like out of place… idk i found it weird 


So the premiere episode ending showed someone entering into Ezra’s cabin/house and Aria is the only one other than Ezra that has a key to the place. And I doubt Ezra would secretly sneak into his own house. Could that have been Aria??? The writers made sure that the scene where Ezra handed Aria…



I’ve convinced myself so much that Aria is A, that if it turns out she isn’t, I will be the most disappointed I’ve ever been… ever.

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no offense but i want to set you on fire

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Aria gives Hanna an interesting once-over when she’s worried about Travis being called in for a lineup, and continues to be flippant and kind of dismissive while Emily’s more supportive and takes her seriously.

the look at 0:12


Aria gets the magic eight-ball with the ‘A’ on it. She also…

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In the first episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars, we see the girls in the barn, having a good time. Alison hands the cup to Aria and Spencer comments “Careful Aria, don’t drink too much or you’ll tell us all your secrets!” This is obviously a reference to something that happened…